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home video The long-awaited documentary PALISADES AMUSEMENT PARK: A CENTURY OF FOND MEMORIES premiered on March 14, 1998 on Thirteen/WNET, New York. The prime-time special is a thrilling ride into the heart of a classic American amusement park - New Jersey's Palisades Amusement Park. Through outrageous publicity stunts and regular advertising in national publications, Palisades kept its name in the hearts and minds of millions throughout its nearly 75-year history as one of the country's prime attractions.

PALISADES AMUSEMENT PARK is narrated by the award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, who continues to set the standard in documentary filmmaking with the stories that defined America Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, Huey Long, The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God, The Civil War, Baseball and The West.

Swimming PoolChronicling the people and events that made the park one of the country's most popular amusement resorts, PALISADES captures the passion of the people that visited its midways and evokes the time and spirit that were the hallmarks of a carefree innocence.

Born in the era of the trolley car, Palisades was a creation of the trolley company, and delivered what people wanted exhilaration and excitement. Today, 25 years after the park's closing, people still remain passionate about the place that left its mark as a cipher of what was then perceived as a more innocent era.

The film features interviews with park personnel, historians and celebrities including Walter Cronkite, Sonny Fox, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, Cousin Bruce Morrow, John Sebastian, Soupy Sales, Buddy Hackett, and many others.

An extended version of PALISADES AMUSEMENT PARK: A CENTURY OF FOND MEMORIES is now available on home video in a special 90-minute "Director's Cut" version containing an additional thirty minutes of rare footage and interviews that was NOT shown on television. It is available online at the Gift Shop.

Author / Producer Vince Gargiulo  |  Director / Producer David Comora



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