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The Mahwah Museum Palisades Amusement Park Exhibit 2019-2021

Now open at the Mahwah Museum, "Palisades Amusement Park In Miniature." All the magic that was Palisades has been reborn in this new and exciting exhibit. The working model of the park captures the thrills and memories of Palisades. Plus many great photos, posters, memorabilia... all part of this exhibit which will remain on display until June 2021.


The Mahwah Museum is open on a limited schedule due to the pandemic. We very much hope to return to our extended schedule as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keep well and safe everybody!

Mahwah Museum, 201 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah, NJ. Open Saturday afternoons from 1-4 PM.

Bob and Ryan Gargiulo

Jerry and Jim Gargiulo

Kevin and Nancy Vanmater

The Gargiulo Family visit the museum

Hey, no smoking on the ride!

Marian Mastrorilli and Vince Gargiulo

Mayor Tom Calabrese and friends from
Cliffside Park visiting the PAP exhibit

Melissa, Tim and Lee Egan

Jay Finkel

Sharon McNulty and Bruce Degraaf

Gemma and Dave

Fran and Ed Dowell

Pat and Tom Grissom

Ralph and Joanne

Linda and Tom Babcock

Tom Grissom and Cathy Hajo

Dee Mayer and Robert (Bob) Harmon

Bob and Sue Panek

Aiden Nelke and his mom, Jeanette Nelke


Santa Claus and Vince

Santa Claus with Santa's helper, Jane Dewan

Tom and Jane DeWan

Santa Claus with Olivia, Angelina and Adrianna

Santa Claus with Jane Dewan-Borgerson
and Rick Borgerson

Santa Claus with Olivia, Angelina and Adrianna

Pam and Kathi

Suzanne Wirtz

Donna and Jeff

Carol Ryan

Max and Jake 

Joyce Levine and Brad Levine

Pat and Jack Litchauer

Carla (Palermo) Mastropolo
and Larry Mastropolo

Karen Thorden

Diane and Alan

Missy and Dan Rounds

Pat and Ken

Diane and Gail

Kasey and Barbara

Pat and Tom Grissom

Diane and Carol

Gail Tamarian-Mandeli and John Mandeli

Palisades exhibit curator, Vince Gargiulo and Tom Meyers from the Fort Lee Film Commission

Corinne Hardy

Genemarie and Tony Licata

Al and Candy

Gene and Liz Focarelli

Santa Lentini-Montalbano, Vince,
and Pat (Alfuso) DiLorenzo

Jack Bozzuffi and Vince

Mike Pannuzzo and Shayna Pannuzzo

Frank and Pat (Alfuso) DiLorenzo

Sam Tripsas, featured on the TV show "American Pickers," brought some of his PAP mementos.

Sondra dropped by with her "collector item" book about "Palisades something or other."

Maja Britton and Tom Grissom

Mark Winkler


Evelyn Schmidt Bedard and
Palisades exhibit curator, Vince Gargiulo

NJ Coasterman, Steve Melzier and Palisades
exhibit curator, Vince Gargiulo

Robert Wilson






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