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The Sounds and Music of Palisades

Palisades had several songs written about it over the seventy-four year history of the park. Click on a song title to hear it. As an added bonus, I have added lyrics to all the songs... so gather up the family and have an old fashioned sing-along! Click on the song title to enjoy the sounds of Palisades.

Amusement Park Waltz

This song was written by Gladys Shelley and Marvin Kahn. Shelley was the wife of Palisades Amusement Park owner, Irving Rosenthal.

Palisades Park

In 1962, the country was taken by storm by the hit "Palisades Park". Written by Chuck Barris (later to be best known as host of The Gong Show).  This rock 'n' roll  classic  was originally performed by Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon. The song climbed into the top ten charts in the United States and into the top twenty charts in England.   ©1962 - Claridge Music, Inc.

Come On Over

This is the unforgettable Palisades jingle heard on radio and television throughout the 1960s. The words and music were written by songwriter Gladys Shelley and was sung by Steve Clayton. ©1965 - Spiral Record Corp.

Enter Laughing

In 1963 the Broadway show "Enter Laughing" opened at the Henry Miller Theater and earned Alan Arkin a Tony award. What does this have to do with Palisades Amusement Park? Listen to the main theme song and you will know!

1964 Radio Spot

A gem from, here is Dan Ingram doing an early spot for Palisades Amusement Park.

1964 Radio Spot

Here's another great piece of history from "All American" Dan Ingram reads a spot for Palisades Amusement Park in 1964.

WNEW Radio Spot #1

WNEW-AM 1130 on the dial. Ted Brown was a legend in his day. Here is one of his spots for Palisades Amusement Park.

WNEW Radio Spot #2

Here's another Ted Brown commercial for Palisades, circa 1964.

At Palisades

This song was written by Marian Mastrorilli and is on her CD "Light This Candle." If you'd like to visit Marion's web site, click here.

Laughing Sal

If you remember the old Cockeyed Circus Fun House, then you will remember the sound of Laughing Sal.

Little Miss America

Also written by Gladys Shelley, this song was used during the popular "Little Miss America" pageants. The conest was started in 1961 and was open to girls between the ages of five and ten. The song was produced and orchestrated by Ray Ellis and performed by Frankie Michaels. ©Spiral Record Corp.

Miss American

This rarely-heard song was used during the "Miss American Teen-Ager" pageants. The conest was started in 1960 and was open to girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. The song was performed by Rod McKuen and it was written by Gladys Shelley.

Color It Palisades Amusement Park

This Palisades jingle was heard (at least once that we know of) on radio. It was sung by Bobby Rydell. The words and music were written by songwriter Gladys Shelley. ©1963 - Spiral Record Corp
Thanks to Steve Winger and Robert Schappert for helping me obtain this clip. 

Come On Over '69

This was another jingle written by Ms. Shelley for the amusement park. Although it never became as well-known as her other hit "Come On Over", this is still an interesting version to hear. ©1969 - Spiral Records Corp.

Public Service Jingle
- long version -

During the fifties, this jingle was heard regularly on radio stations throughout the New York metropolitan area. It was used by the Public Service bus company to encourage people to ride the buses to get to the park. This version includes an announcer reading copy. (58 seconds)

Public Service Jingle
- short version -

This is a shorter version of the public service jingle without the radio announcer. (17 seconds)

Palisades Commerical (WMCA Radio)

Special thanks to Gary Pedoto for sending in this great clip from August 6th, 1969 with WMCA Good Guy disk jockey Frankie Crocker reading  a Palisades Amusement Park commercial. Listen for the Miss American Teenager pageant.  Running Time: 1:30

Sunnin' In The
Summer Sun

Here's a tune that was featured in The Palisades Amusement Park Revue back in 1940.  The words were written by Gladys Shelley; the music written by Irving Gellers and Otis Spencer. ©1940 - Mills Music Inc.

Take Me Up To Palisades Park (1909)

This song was written by Nate Walker in tribute to the park's general manager, Alven Dexter, who died over the winter of 1908. This version was recorded for the documentary and is sung by our very own Betty Comora.

Take Me Up To Palisades Park (1911)

This is another early song written for the amusement park in 1911 by Santa Goldblatt and Henry Bauch. ©1911 - Maurice Shapiro

The Palisaders

This two-step was written by Ernst Luz in 1916. It has a distinctive ragtime feel. ©1916 - Photoplay Music Co.



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