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The Trains from the Cyclone

Although the Cyclone coaster at Palisades was demolished in February of 1972, the trains from coaster remained in operation at Williams Grove Amusement Park in Mechanicsburg, PA until it closed in 2006.

From Steve & Faith Barto:

About a year ago I saw a show on our PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) channel about Williams Grove.  A rather old German man owns/operates the park and for the most part hasn't upgraded much of anything for years!  We finally went there to shoot some pictures last Sunday and that's when I got a little education about the Cyclone and the Palisades. The Cyclone was down for a good part of the day with a worker "grinding" one of the brake blocks.  As I was wondering around snapping a few shots, he (the worker) took notice of me and asked what I was up to.  We started talking and the next thing you know, I was getting a History lesson!  It was wonderful.  The Park is like stepping into a time warp from the 60's/70's.  Slightly run down, it amazes me how they have all the old rides still in running condition.  It is like a working museum.  My wife & I had a great time and plan on going back with a lot more film.

 These photos are made possible through the courtesy
of "Barto Photography" of Manheim PA. All rights reserved




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