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The Sounds and Music of Palisades

Palisades Park
(c) 2000 Marian Mastrorilli

MarianFrom the side of the road I still look twice
Get caught in the spell of carnival lights
Chalk it up to the way I was raised, a regular at Palisades

They say that she went out with grace
But I cannot forget the day they knocked the Cyclone down
A nuisance to the city halls, a whiff of green, a wrecking ball
Erased our hallowed ground

Ooh, what I wouldn't trade for another day at Palisades

In spring, if you were driving by
You'd see that they'd undressed the rides
Cause for celebration
For vinegar on crinkled fries, the chance to win a tiny prize
Divine anticipation


I could board a Jungle Cruise or take a Trip to the Moon
Right in my home town
The Hootenanny and the Whip, the Caterpillar's gentle dips
Oh why'd they tear it down?

I miss the things I'd never try, the bigger rides I'd never ride
The Funhouse, I was scared to go in
The "spook house," with my eyes open

You'd hear the screams from miles away, calliope from the arcade
Talk of her decline
But there wasn't any incidence of foul play or violence
No, those were different times


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