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The Sounds and Music of Palisades

Take Me Up To Palisades Park
(1909 version) • Words and music by Nate Walker • Vocal performance by Betty Comora

Said Carrie to Larry
Now don't be contrary,
I'm not going down to the Isle.
Now it's too far to roam and I've got to get home.
I can only stay out for a while.

We'll just take a ferry. Go up in the airy,
High up on the old Palisade.
For there's always a breeze
In the "Park with the Trees",
We'll roam through the woods in the shade.

Take me up, up, up
High up to Palisades Park
For up there we can spoon by the light of the moon.
It's the best place I know for a lark.

Whirl me 'round, 'round, 'round,
Thro' a waltz or a two-step we'll glide.
With the cooing and wooing now there's now something doing,
On the Jersey side.



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