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Fort Lee Crowns Little Miss America 2007

The June 13th Movies & Music Under the Stars program drew a crowd of 500 to view the annual Little Miss America pageant. This tribute to the Palisades Amusement Park's annual pageant entered the fourth year of its rebirth as a Fort Lee institution in 2007. The original pageant ran from 1961 until the last year of Palisades Amusement Park, 1971. Fort Lee Recreation Department Superintendent Cheryl Westeyn and her assistant Rachel Smith organized this event in conjunction with the Fort Lee Film Commission. The contestants, all Fort Lee residents ages 5 to 10, performed musical and dance numbers. Second runner up is Victoria Vado. First runner up is Tiffany Elcheouri. The 2007 Little Miss America is Vianna Episcopio. We congratulate all our wonderful participants, our judges and most of all Cheryl Westeyn and Rachel Smith who made this pageant a wonderful success.

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Little Miss America jingle

Written by Gladys Shelley, this song was used during the popular "Little Miss America" pageants. The song was produced and orchestrated by Ray Ellis and performed by Frankie Michaels. ęSpiral Record Corp.



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